Early Intellect
Get to know us . . .

Who We are

Early Intellect is an educational company founded in 2021 providing a variety of learning resources for families with children between the ages of 3-5 years old.

our mission

 Early Intellect’s mission is to emphasize the importance of nurturing children’s early development and support families as they build a solid foundation for future learning . We believe in using a play based approach and an emphasis on picture books.

Why the years between 3-5 matter

  The only organ that is not fully developed at birth is the brain. 90% of critical brain development happens within the first five years of life.  Every experience and interaction your child has during these first few years is laying the foundation for many aspects of their development  and their overall success in academics as well as life in general. Between the ages of 3-5 specifically,  many children have their first experiences with school and semi-formal learning. This is such an important time in your child’s development. When you talk, read, and play with your child  you are helping to build a solid foundation for success in school and life. Early intellect is here to help support you as you buidl that foundation with your child. 


Our Founder

Claire Anaelie Thomas is the founder of Early Intellect. Claire has been working within the realm of education for 10 years and is extremely passionate about early education and working with families. Claire holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a  master’s degree in teaching. She began her career working in a childcare center with infants and toddlers. Since then , Claire has taught at a private preschool, served in a social services agency catering to families with children from birth-5 years old and is currently a kindergaten teacher in the public school system and has been for the past 3 years.

Claire founded Early Intellect in June 2021 as an avenue to provide support, education and resources to families with young children. She is invested in helping families understand the different parts of early development , the role they in future learning and achievement and ways that families can nurture and support their child in every aspect during those crucial early years.