Hello, Early Intellect families! As we embrace Black History Month, we’re excited to present our February Bingo Card, uniquely designed to explore and celebrate the rich history and contributions of African Americans. This month, our Bingo Challenge is not just about enhancing literacy skills but also about deepening our understanding and appreciation of Black history and culture.

This Month’s Bingo Card: A Journey Through Black Excellence

Our bingo card this month is more than just a fun activity; it’s a gateway to exploring the significant impact of Black individuals in shaping American history and culture. Each square on the bingo card represents an activity centered around Black history, culture, and the individuals who have made profound contributions to our society. Here are some of the enriching activities you can expect:

  • Create a Collage Inspired by African American Art: Encourage your child’s creativity by making a collage that reflects the vibrant and diverse styles of African American art.
  • Discuss the Story of a Black Scientist or Astronaut: Share the remarkable stories of Black scientists and astronauts, highlighting their achievements and contributions to science and space exploration.
  • Listen to a Song by a Famous Black Musician: Delve into the rich tapestry of music created by Black musicians. It’s a delightful way to appreciate the cultural and historical significance of their work.
  • Ask your child’s school/teacher how they plan to acknowledge/celebrate Black History Month: Engage with your child’s education by inquiring about the school’s plans for celebrating Black History Month, fostering a community-wide appreciation of this important time.
  • Learn about a Black Inventor and their Invention:Explore the world of innovation through the lens of Black inventors. Discover the inventions that have shaped our world.
  • Learn about a Black Scientist and their Discoveries:Dive into the fascinating discoveries made by Black scientists. It’s a great opportunity to combine science learning with historical appreciation.

… [Download here to see all included activities]

How to Participate

  • Download the Bingo Card: Click here to get your copy of the Black History Month Bingo Card.
  • Engage in Activities: Complete the activities with your child and family at your own pace.
  • Share Your Journey: We would love to hear about your experiences! Share your stories and completed bingo cards with us on social media using #EarlyIntellectBHM.

Why Participate?

Participating in the Black History Month Bingo Challenge is more than just a set of activities; it’s a celebration of diversity, a recognition of achievements, and an acknowledgment of the struggles and triumphs of the Black community. Our February Bingo Challenge offers a unique way to celebrate Black History Month while promoting literacy. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and understand a crucial part of our collective history.

We encourage everyone in our Early Intellect community to join us in this meaningful journey. Let’s make this Black History Month a time of learning, reflection, and celebration!

Happy Black History Month!