Children are always learning.  Whether or not you are explicitly teaching your child , they are learning. They are learning from what they are seeing and hearing all around them. While your child is already learning at every moment , whether it is noticeable in that moment or not, there are some things you can do to be intentional about including learning, specifically academic learning in everyday activities. Learning , in relation to academics, does not have to be static. There isn’t always a need for curriculum or books or pencils and timelines. It can be embedded into everyday life and activities.  Any situation can become a learning experience.  

“Learning does not have to be static.”

When your child is learning the alphabet , as you are driving down the street, have them pick out specific letters on the billboards you pass. Choose a letter to focus on while on an outing for the morning.  Make it a game and see if they can spot this letter on the places and things you are seeing like signs , clothing , storefronts etc. You can turn dinner time into counting time.  Let your child count how many broccoli is on their plate or how many scoops of sugar went into the lemonade. When children can see how the things they learn in school apply to their daily life, it makes it more fun to learn these things.  It can help them become more excited about school and make learning easier.

Find ways to encourage learning in your children, by including their learning in your daily life and activities. This  can be helpful in helping what they are learning really stick.  There are so many opportunities for learning reinforcement in the things you are already doing, take advantage of them.