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Are you a school district looking to empower parents, guardians, and families  of early elementary students on their journey towards building strong literacy foundations? Let Early Intellect become your trusted partner in fostering early literacy at home. Our dedicated services for School District Parent Academies are designed to enhance early childhood education and parent engagement.

Why choose us for your organization

At Early Intellect, we understand the critical role that families play in a child’s educational journey, especially during the formative years. We are committed to equipping families with the knowledge and resources they need to provide the best possible start for young learners.


Our expertise lies in curating resources and tools that seamlessly blend learning and play, instilling a lifelong love of reading and exploration. By partnering with Early Intellect, your school district can ensure that parents are well-prepared to support their child’s educational development.

How Early Intellect Supports Your School District or Organization

Partner with Early Intellect to enhance your School District’s Parent Academy’s effectiveness. Together, we can empower parents to create a strong foundation for their child’s educational success, ensuring a brighter future for all young learners. Contact us today to learn more about how we can collaborate to support your school district’s educational goals.

Tailored Workshops
 We offer a variety of engaging workshops designed specifically for parents of preschool and early elementary students. These workshops cover topics such as early literacy strategies, effective at-home learning, and the importance of parent-child bonding in education.
Community Building
Early Intellect fosters a supportive community of parents who share a common goal – nurturing their child’s early literacy skills. Your school district’s Parent Academy participants can connect, share experiences, and learn from one another.
Expert Guidance
Workshops are provided by an early childhood education expert available to provide guidance and support to parents and educators alike. We can host live Q&A sessions and provide personalized assistance as needed.

My Approach


I employ a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just workshops. Every workshop is thoughtfully paired with readily usable resources and materials, ensuring that families receive a well-rounded and actionable experience. We don’t just provide the “what” and the “why”; we equip families with the “how” and immediate resources to seamlessly implement what they’ve learned right from the start.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

To begin, please reach out to us via email with details about your specific requirements and preferred dates. Following this, you will receive a link to schedule a personalized 1:1 call. During this conversation, we can delve into more specific details regarding the types of workshops and services that best align with the unique needs of your organization.

Choose a Workshop

Following our 1:1 call, you can anticipate receiving a thorough proposal outlining the services and workshops tailored to your organization’s needs. This proposal will also include payment details and a convenient payment link for your ease of transaction.

Workshop Execution!

Once payment is received, you can sit back and relax. The next step is for me to seamlessly execute the workshop. Each workshop includes accessible participant materials provided during the training session, along with a feedback form for participants to share their thoughts at the conclusion of the session.
Mrs. Thomas Makes Emergent Literacy Strategies Accessible and Fun for Preservice Teachers!

Mrs. Thomas brought the literacy instructional block to life in my master ‘s-level early and elementary literacy education foundations class. She created a teacher-centered professional learner environment where my students had the opportunity to review NJ’s ELA learning standards; identify and define each component of the literacy block and its importance; and experience the literacy block through hands-on learning tasks Mrs. Thomas used with her students. My preservice teachers and I were thoroughly impressed with Mrs. Thomas’ preparedness, creativity, and expertise in teaching the foundations of emergent literacy. 

Dr. Gibson-Crooms

Professor, Montclair State University

Claire Thomas brings clarity, support and encouragement with each of her workshops.  She has helped me see the value in practices and provided ways for me to actively use them in the classroom. I have gained tools, words of wisdom and practicals that have nurtured the foundation of my teaching.
Ms. T. Dixon

Teacher, Newark Board of Education

Mrs. Thomas-Spratley has been a pleasure to work with. She navigates with professionalism, kindness, knowledge/expertise, and a clear passion for the content she teaches. Our district had families attend workshops by Mrs. Thomas-Spratley in both English and Creole. Not only did participants leave with information on how to help their students academically at home, but they received an abundance of practical resources they could use to practice the skills she taught about with their children.


Ms. M. Alston

Instructional Specialist | Office of Federal Programs & Grants, Newark Board of Education

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