Hey there, busy parents!

As we shake off the last remnants of winter and welcome the spring, it’s the perfect time to breathe new life into our little ones’ reading journeys. Early Intellect’s April Bingo Challenge is live! A fun and engaging way to integrate early literacy into your family’s routine.

We all know that finding time for focused reading activities can be a challenge amidst your busy schedules. That’s why our bingo challenge is designed to offer quick, interactive activities that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. These activities are not just about reading; they’re about exploring, creating, and discovering the world of words together with your child.By weaving literacy into your everyday moments, you’re not only supporting your child’s academic growth but also strengthening your bond as you learn and explore together.

A Sneak Peek into the Bingo Challenge

Our Bingo Challenge is packed with activities that celebrate the beauty of spring while fostering early literacy skills. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on the bingo card:

  • Read a book about Earth Day: Dive into the wonders of our planet and discuss ways your family can contribute to its well-being.
  • Count the words in a few sentences: A simple yet effective way to develop your child’s phonological awareness skills.
  • Create a list of words that rhyme with ‘seed’: Another activity to help support your child’s phonological awareness skills.
  • Practice forming the letters of your child’s name: This can be done using playdough to act as  a tactile approach to name recognition and fine motor skills.

And that’s just the beginning! From exploring sounds to identifying settings, each activity on the bingo card is designed to be a stepping stone in your child’s early literacy journey.

How to Join the Challenge

Download your Bingo Challenge card. As you complete each activity, share your experiences and progress with us on social media using #EarlyIntellectBingo. Let’s create a community of families celebrating the joys of reading and learning together!

Remember, the goal is not just to check off boxes, but to create meaningful, literacy-rich experiences with your child.

Happy Learning!!