I am always looking for ideas to enhance learning. Songs and videos have allowed me to be able to do just that and YouTube has proven to be a great resource to find them. I use the platform almost daily for learning. Having access to educational songs, and videos have been so helpful. I use YouTube videos to reinforce new skills and concepts, access specific book titles that I do not yet own, and to provide examples as reinforcements for topics being discussed. 

Reinforcing Skills & Concepts

Once I introduce a new  skill , or concept whether it’s how to identify  rhyming words , practicing words in word families or various math concepts I use a song or video to help reinforce and practice what was taught. Below are some of my favorites. 

  1. Rhyming Words : Rhyming words for Kindergarten , The Rhyming Words Game | Rhyming Song for Kids | Reading & Writing Skills | Jack Hartmann
  2. Math Concepts : Adding With A Pirate – Addition Song For Kids , When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids), Counting To 100 Songs, 2D Shapes Song, 3D Shapes Song, Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)
  3. Specific phonics skills: Digraphs , Silent e Song, Word Family ip (This can be done for all word families just type in “word family (  ) – Jack Hartman) ex: at, it, ug, an, ed etc. )

Accessing Books 

I love children’s books. Unfortunately I cannot own every wonderful book that has been written , although I’m working my way up there. YouTube has proven to be a good alternative for accessing certain titles. Sometimes you may have to search through for those with the best picture and sound quality but there are a ton of great ones out there. All you do is type in the title followed by read aloud. EX: Jabari Jumps – Read Aloud 

Practicing The Alphabet

I have found YouTube especially helpful in aiding with alphabet practice. I use it to practice the letter sounds and letter names daily using Act Out The Alphabet. I also use it for individual letter sound practice Have Fun Teaching alphabet mixes (Scroll all the way down for individual letter songs), Jack Hartman Alphabet songs, and individual books focusing on each letter of the alphabet Alphabet books. This Mouth formation for phonemes is also one of the best out there showing you exactly how to make each sound .  

Examples as reinforcement

Another very effective way I use  YouTube is to show examples and reinforce topics being discussed. If we’re discussing the weather and the word forecast I can pull up a video of a weather forecast , I can show a video of a thunderstorm , or a tornado . If we’re talking about the solar system I can reinforce it with this Planet Song. There are videos for almost any topic imaginable and this allows children to truly make connections . If it’s not something tangible or something I have direct access to there is still a way for them to see it come together without relying solely on their imagination.

While YouTube has been a wonderful addition to my toolbox and could be for you as well , please note that you do need to preview all videos being viewed by your child for safety as well as accuracy. Because anyone can have a YouTube channel and anyone can upload a video around the topics, you may sometimes find videos around educational topics slightly inaccurate.  If you’re using the videos to reinforce a skill especially, you have to be sure that the information is correct. This is very important especially in regards to letter sounds , grammar rules etc. . The videos I have linked are videos that I currently use and have been using for awhile thus have been vetted and teacher approved saving you just a tiny bit of work.